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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some common questions about flying your puppy.

Can I track the status of my puppy's progress?
Yes. Using the air waybill number we provide, you will be able to track your pup’s progress in coming home to you!
Why am I unable to book my puppy on a flight that I see online?
Due to pressurization requirements, certain aircraft are not able to accommodate pets. In addition, the ability to book your pet on a specific flight is dependent on spaces available for pets, along with aircraft limitations to carry larger-sized crates.
Is it safe for a puppy to fly?
Air travel is as safe for puppies as it is for people. Your puppy will enjoy the comfort of both a climate and pressure-controlled environment within the aircraft.

We do not ship puppies in extreme heat or cold, since your puppy will be exposed to weather for short times on the tarmac during loading and unloading. Should forecasted temperatures at origin, destination, or transit points fall outside of the veterinarian-approved ranges, we will have to rebook your puppy for a different day or time of day.

What time will my puppy arrive?
Typically, puppies arrive at their destinations from afternoon through evening.
Can I request that my puppy arrive at a certain time of day?
While we do what we can to accommodate such requests, it is very important to remain flexible on your puppy’s scheduled travel day, and make personal arrangements as necessary. Because of the many needed restrictions in pet travel, options are often limited. In addition, we try to book for the best possible flight plan for the puppy.
What about "snub-nosed" (brachycephalic) breeds?
Breeds with flat or snub noses, including Pugs, Boxers and Bulldogs, etc are currently not permitted by any US airlines to travel as pet cargo, because of their breathing inefficiency. They may be allowed to travel with you in cabin, however. Contact your airlines directly to confirm.
How Much Does it Cost?

Due to current restrictions and increased logistics/costs, pricing currently begins at $550 and varies depending on the size and age of the puppy or dog.