Ground Travel



Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some common questions about ground delivery for your puppy.

Can I track the status of my puppy's progress?

We are actively looking into good GPS tracking options for you to see the puppy’s travel progress. You will receive the driver’s name and number and he will  stay in touch throughout the trip to make sure that you stay updated with the most current delivery time. 

Is it safe for a puppy to drive?

The puppy will be safe in it’s own travel kennel, it will have food and water, our vehicles are climate controlled for comfort of both the driver and puppies, and we stop to allow the puppy to take an exercise / potty break. 

What time will my puppy arrive?

Timing depends on where you are located, whether you are on a normal route or individual delivery, and what works for our schedule. We will confirm with you to make sure our arrival time works for both you and us.

Can I request that my puppy arrive at a certain time of day?

While we do what we can to accommodate such requests, it is very important to remain flexible on your puppy’s scheduled travel day, and make personal arrangements as necessary. Because of the many needed restrictions in pet travel, options are often limited. In addition, we are trying to get your pet to its new home as quickly as possible to minimize the stress of traveling as well as running our routes as efficiently as possible.

Do you offer individual delivery for my puppy?

We do offer individual delivery for your puppy. While this is usually faster, it is also more expensive due to the nature of making a dedicated trip for just your puppy rather than having multiple ones to split the cost. It is also subject to driver availability between any normally scheduled runs that we do. Contact us for more details or to check on current availability.

How Much Does it Cost?

Ground travel pricing varies depending on where the puppy is going. We have a dedicated eastern route that starts at $325, a southern route that starts at $375, and a midwestern route that starts at $325. Individual runs, states outside of our normal route areas, and deliveries in the state of Ohio are priced on an individual basis.